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Depends on your definition of 'decent'. A school ranked among the top 50 would generally require a score of around 2000, especially if you are looking for financial aid. In my opinion, schools look at GPA first and foremost to decide whether to admit you and SAT scores tip the scales and help them decide how much aid to give you. A good GPA and a decent SAT score gets you in. A good GPA would probably be anything above 3.5


Before you start searching, I would encourage you to decide what broad area(s) you are interested in getting employment when you graduate from college. Is it technical or liberal arts? Do you want to work in an industrial, government, or academic environment? Once you decide this, go see someone working in this area and ask them what college they would recommend. Once you identify colleges you are interested in, contact the college and request a description of their requirements. Of course, if you are still in high school, you should have a counselor who can help you with all of this information.

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Q: What are the minimum SAT and GPA requirements for a decent American college?
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