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According to the US Census Bureau, among the general population, bowling is the most commonly played sport in America (43 million), followed by billiards (29 million), Basketball (24 million), golf (23 million), and baseball/softball (24 million).

According to the NCAA, for organized College Sports, football is the clear winner, followed by baseball/softball, Track and Field, soccer, basketball, cross-country running, and swimming/diving. Football is also the #1 organized sport in high school, followed by basketball, track & field, baseball/softball, soccer, and cross-country.

Football is even a bigger winner when you consider that it is played almost entirely by male students, whereas the other sports include both male and female athletes. However, tackle football is played almost entirely in schools or professional leagues; like other contact sports, it is not a popular amateur sport among adults.

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Q: What are the most commonly played sports in America?
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