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Defensive back and outside linebacker for coverage type deffense.

Defensive linemen and safety for rush defense.


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There are different positions named in different formations. Most positions are given for defensive formations.The following positions are from man on zone offense and defense.The offensive positions includeHandlerMidLongWingPopperThe defensive positions includeMarkCupWingShort deepDeep deepWing deep

The pitcher considered the most important defensive player on the team because the pitcher as to what type of ballot throw.

If a defensive player catches the football, it is considered an interception and he would run toward the end zone in hopes of scoring a touchdown for his team. Interceptions are one of the most exciting plays in the game of football.

The pitcher is considered the most important defensive player on the team in baseball. The way he throws the ball will most likely determine the hits made.

The defensive tackle is apart of the defensive line There is nobody that blocks on defense. On offense all players can block, but normally, the linemen do most of the blocking.

A defensive lineman is any of the down positions on the defensive side of American football. Although alignments vary, the most popular consist of either 3 or 4 down linemen. On a 3 lineman set, there are 2 Defensive Ends which bookend an often large Nose Tackle. In a 4 lineman set, the Ends bookend 2 Defensive Tackles. The primary job of a defensive lineman is to gain penetration past the line of scrimmage to disrupt an offensive play. The best results are a sack on the quarterback or tackling a ball carrier for a loss of yardage. There are several variations of defensive lineman: Nose guard, Nose tackle,Tackle, End

The heaviest players on an NFL team almost all play on the offensive and defensive lines. For most teams it is a defensive tackle.

All positions are needed to help the team. Many think the quarterback is most important but if he was to play a game without his team members and throw the ball into the air it wouldn't be a very successful game. Everyone is important in their own ways!

It depends on a lot of things: position, level of competition (Division, conference?), etc. Height is more important for some positions than others. Height is pretty important for receivers, pocket QBs, DLine. It is an asset for most defensive positions, but not necessarily required. For most positions, there are examples of players who have been good despite not being as tall as most other good players at their position. Height is not as important in college as in pro. Lots of teams run option offenses in college, which can be successful with very few tall guys (look at WVU over the past few years -- RB Slaton 5'9, QB White at 6', mostly small receivers).

Most team sports have specific positions, allowing players to work together as a team, but also specialize in particular skill sets.

The most important players in the football team are linemen.They prevent the Quarterback from being sacked or fumble.

The two most important positions (they're equally vital) are guards and fullbacks. The quarterback is the team's leader, but if the other side slams him into the ground every play your team won't do well. Guards and fullbacks prevent this from happening.

de and defensive linemen same thing a dt is also a defensive lineman both important depending upon what defensive scheme u use 4-3 or 3-4 in a 3-4 a dt is most crucial if your team is better rushing the qb than a de is probably more critical to have

In football all positions are important, as it is a team effort.They are all important but i think that the most important is the goalie. if the ball gets past the defenders he is the last one to save it and if he doesn't do his job the team is screwed. but it is also the defenders helping because they have to keep the ball away from the goalie box. and the forwards run a lot and score most of the goals.

Well most sports require a decent cardiovascular system. However, football is more of a power sport. You need short, but powerful bursts of energy for that sport. Power is more important in football than cardio. Different positions require different attributes, but mostly power is the key.

Football is a world wide sport. The sport requires physical and mental fitness. Tactics are everywhere in every position in football, including the goalkeeper. Full backs require the most of the tactics as they play the most defensive and offensive!

Dallas Cowboy Free Safety Barry Church has the most tackles in the league for a defensive back thru week 16 in the 2013 season. He has 127 combines tackles, with 100 solo tackles and 27 assists.

Yes. In most levels of football the receiver would be down at the point of the reception, in the NFL the receiver could get up and run if he isn't touched by a defensive player.

It depends in which society is being referred to, and what kind of football is being referred to. In America, football is a different sport then what most of the other world refers to it as. Most of the world refers to American soccer as 'Football'. It is very important worldwide, especially in colleges.

these people held all the most important positions in the colonial government. this small privileged group was called thethese people held all the most important positions in the colonial government. this small privileged group was called the

Do you mean most popular? It's "Football" (Soccer).

Every piece of football equipment is important and carries a vital part in player safety. Obviously, the helmet is one of the most critical pieces of equipment.

The player is one of the most important components that cannot be separated from football and futsal

The sentence is: My brother, who is on the football team, has many friends.When looking for the most important point, other details can get in the way. Break the sentence into its parts:My brother,who is on the football team,has many friends.The most important point is He has many friends.

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