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1. Brooks Range • 2. Seward Peninsula mountains • 3. Nulato Hills • 4. Yukon-Tanana Uplands • 5. Ogilvie Mountians • 6. Kuskokwim Mountains • 7. Alaska Range • 8. Talkeetna Mountains • 9. Wrangell Mountains • 10. Aleutian Range • 11. Kenai Mountains • 12. Chugach Mountains • 13. St. Elias Mountains • 14. Coast Mountains

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The Alaska Range and The Brooks Range

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the Brooks Range and Alaska Range

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Q: What are the most important mountains in Alaska?
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What mountains are in northern Alaska?

The northern most mountains in Alaska are known as The Brooks Range.

What is the southern mountain range in Alaska?

The most southern mountain range in Alaska are the Kenai and Chugach Mountains. These main mountains are separated from the Alaska Range by the Talkeetna and Wrangell Mountains.

What is the the most Northern State which has mountains?


What forest does the grizzly live?

Chugach Mountains in southern Alaska and in most regions of Alaska.

What are the most important mountains in the big bend country in Texas?

The chisos mountains are the most important

In what state can you find the most mountains?

Alaska - This is incorrect, the correct answer is Nevada.

Is Alaska important?

Yes, Alaska is very important. it is where we get most of our fish. we are still finding oil and gold in Alaska today.

What are Alaska's three most important industries?

Alaska's three most important industries are oil, tourism, and fishing. Other industries in Alaska are coal, gold, and mining.

What mountains do the US and Canada share?

There are quite a few, such as the St. Elias range in Alaska, B.C., and the Yukon (where Canada's highest mountain is) and the Cascade range in B.C. and Washington state, but the most famous (and probably most important) is the Rocky Mountains.

Does Alaska or Montana have more mountains?


What is the most important city in Alaska?