What are the most intelligent animals?

Sea mammals such as dolphins and apes such as us are also the most intelligent creatures, parrots are also said to be clever due to their understanding of language which no other animal other than us can.
The reality is the questions flawed, in that every animal has a brain which is good at something it needs. e.g. a chimp has a short term memory that is a lot better than humans. This is so they can take in everything whilst swinging in trees id presume.

If your going to be general though, Humans are cleverest (not as obvious id youd think, taking into account opposable thumbs), Dolphins are next, Great apes, Octapusses are suppost to be clever. Needs to be less general question. afterall being smart isn't really a quality that you can pinpoint.

Apes, Parrots, Dolphins, Octopuses, are all fascinating and very smart a dolphin's brain is huge and animals never use there intelligence just because they use it when they have the desire to do something. Octopuses are the only animals without oposible thumbs (or any thumbs at all) that can open a jar.
probably mammals but all animal are smart, being spasific dolphin,orga and primates