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What are the most points an NBA player ever scored in a game?


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Most NBA Points Scored100 Points By Wilt Chamberman

then Kobe Bryant with 83


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Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in one game for the Philadelphia Warriors against the New York Knicks on March 2, 1962.

Wilt Chamberlin scored 100 points in one game

The highest number of points scored by an NBA basketball player in an NBA game is 100 points by Wilt Chaimberlain. The second most scored points in the NBA is by Kobe Bryant, at 81 points in a game. The third most scored points in a game, is again by Wilt at 79 points.

Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in an NBA basketball game.

Wilt Chamberlain scored 42 points in an all-star game in the early '60s.

No, no NHL player has ever scored a goal in every game of the season.

It was Wilt Chamberlain and he scored exactly 100 points. However, this was not a televised game, so there is no tape of it. The most points scored by a single player in a taped game was Kobe Bryant against the Toronto Raptors in 2006, when he scored 81 points.

The most the Bulls have ever scored are 151

which player scored 72 points in a division 1 men's basketball game in 1991

Wilt chamberlain scored 100 points in a single game

The Detriot Pistons. They scored 186 points in a triple-overtime game against the Denver Nuggets.

Jack Taylor of Grinell college scored 138 points.

LeBron James Had 56 Points in his highest game he also scored 52 with the heat LOL Aweeze..

Wilt Chamberlain in 1962 against the Knicks. He scored 100 points.

Wilt Chamberlin, 100 points in one game

Actually 21 different players have scored 100 points in game or more. The highest points in a game ever was 135 by Danny Heater in 1960.

I believe the answer is Bill Walton, who scored 44 points for UCLA in a Championship game in 1973 or 1974.

Ray Allen scored 51 points Thursday night in game 6, but they lost in triple overtime

I think 169 points by a team. 100 by a player.

Ohio State scored their most points ever in a single game in a 128-0 shutout win over Oberlin (Ohio) College in 1916.

The most points ever scored in a football game is held by Georgia Tech in 1947 they scored 126 points in a single game of college football.Actually the game you are referring to happened in 1916...and Georgia Tech scored 126 points in the first half.ANSWERIn 1916, Georgia Tech beat Cumberland 222-0. I kid you not.

That was Wilt Chamberlain with 4,029 points in the 1961-62 season. He is the only player to have scored 4,000 points in a season and his points per game average that year was 50.4.

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