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What are the most popular spectator sports in the US?

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The two most popular spectator sports in the U.S. in the early 1900's was Baseball and the ever popular Soccer

The NFL and College Football are really popular sports watched in the USA. Football is the most popular spectator sport in the US.

Yes, NASCAR is the 2nd most popular spectator sport in the U.S. behind the NFL.

The most popular sports in the us are football baseball and basketball.

Soccer- worldwide Football- U.S.

I believe Al Michaels is the most popular sports announcer

At US naval Academy the popular sports are: Football, Soccer and water sports

The US is known for baseball.

I would say the most popular sport is Hockey.

lacrosse, volleyball, cross country

The top four sports in the US are basketball, football, baseball, and golf.

In the United States, no angling is not very popular. In the US, the most popular sports are football and basketball.

Baseball and Boxing were the 2 most popular sports in the US during that era.

I the US baseball. In the world soccer/futbol.

yes it is one of the most known sports in the US

Baseball, Football, and Boxing were the most popular

the most popular U.S game is basketball.

The three most popular college sports in the US are basketball, football and soccer. However there are others, swimming is very competitive, there are also rugby union, lacrosse and volleyball. There are also relatively new sports that are popular, such as Ultimate Frisbee.

Baseball was United States most popular sports going in 1920s. Players like Babe Ruth played an important role in making it a fan favorite sport. Ruth went on to make New York Yankees a force to reckon with in MLB.

For Youth, I believe it may be football.

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