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Telephones and Television.

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Who are the recent biologist and what are their inventions?


Has NASA had any recent inventions?


2 recent inventions that protect your environment?

wind mills

Recent mathematical inventions?

The solution to Fermat last theorem.

Give a list of the latest inventions?

There are many new inventions of recent times, such as the updates in technology. Smartphones, smart televisions and 3d televisions are all newer inventions.

Which inventor had the most inventions?

Henry Ford had the most inventions

What recent inventions changed people's lives?

The computer, internet, television.

What are new inventions in robotics?

New inventions are being created everyday in robotics. Some recent robotic inventions include: PaPeRo, ASIMO, and various artificial life robots.

Recent invention in robotics?

for recent inventions in robotics you can go to or go to hope this helps.

What were popular inventions of 2004?

What are the most important inventions in 2004?

Who has the most number of inventions to their credit?

Irfan Ali will become the person with most number of Inventions by single person having 53 inventions at once

Scientist's Names and their inventions?

who are the 5 most earliest scientist in the world? and what are their inventions?

Where did Nikola Tesla work on his inventions?

Most of his inventions were landed in New York but some of his inventions were landed at Colorado and Europe.

What is the comparative and superlative form of recent?

There are no single-word comparative and superlative for recent. They would be "More recent" and "Most recent"

What is the comparative and superlative of recent?

more recent, most recent

Leonardo's most famous inventions?

Leonardo da Vinci's most famous inventions are the tank,flying machine,and the machine gun

What inventions are most popular these days?

The telephone and internal-combustion engine inventions are quite popular.

What was the most recent earthquake?

The most recent was on the border of CA and Mexico.

What is the name of the most recent era?

The Cenozoic Era, is the most recent.

What was the most recent eruption of etna?

the most recent eruption was in 2011

What were Isaac Newton's inventions?

There are a number of inventions that are credited to Sir Isaac Newton. Two of the most popular inventions are the reflecting telescope and the pet door.

How did the Chinese inventions helped life?

The Chinese inventions have helped in various ways in life. Some of the technologies we enjoy are as a result of the Chinese inventions. Chinese inventions are applicable in most areas of our lives.

When was the most recent amendment added?

1992 Was the most recent amendment added.

What are the most recent tsunami?

The most recent Tsunami was the 2009 Samoa Tsunami

WO was the most recent Pharrow discovery?

Who was the most recent Phorrow Discovered and where

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