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What are the motions of the Earth?

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the earth has two motions ' first the orbital motion (translator y motion) and second is the spinning motion (rotatory motion).

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What are the three motions of the earth?

the three motions of the earth are:

Which two motions does earth make in space?

The two motions that Earth makes are rotations and revolutions.

What are the 2 motions of earth?

The two motions are your mom and ur nerdy self

What are earths 2 principal motions?

There are two principle motions of the Earth. The earth rotates around on its axis. The earth is also known to revolve around the sun.

Which two motions does the earth make in space?

The two motions that Earth makes are rotations and revolutions. The Earth revolves around the sun. It also rotates on an axis.

The earth undergoes three main motions of space what are these?

The three major motions that the Earth undergos in space are Revolution(Orbit), Rotation, and Precession

How are the plate motions connected with motions within the rest of earth mantle?

convection currents in the mantle provide the basic driving forces for plate motions.

What are the two main motions of the earth?

rotating and revolution

What are the two primary motions of earth?

rotate and revolve

What are the two main motions of Earth?

rotation and revolution

What two motions does the moon have and How long does the moon take to complete both of these motions?

the two motions are :-the moon rotating on it's axis-the moon revolving around the earth

What are the two motions of the earth?

Slow motion and fast motion.

How many the earth has motions?

It moves two ways if that what you are asking.

What 2 motions does the moon have?

rotation on axis and revolving around earth

What are sudden motions caused by breaks in the Earth called?

These are known as earthquakes.

Are the moon sun and earth allined by magnetism?

Magnetism is not involved in the positions or motions of the sun, moon, or earth.

What two motions combined make the moon orbit Earth?

Velocity and gravity (movement around the Earth and the gravity of the Earth pulling on it).

Is the earth having rotational and circular motions?

The earth will have both rotational and circular motions. Rotational motion because of the earth rotating about its own axis(axis joining the line north and south poles). Circular motion because of moving around the sun.

What are two major motions of earth as it travels through space?

rotation and revolution

How are the tides on earth affected by the motions of the moon?

The moon's gravity pulls the tide in and out

What are the changing views of the moon seen from earth each motions?

moon phases

What force is responsible for orbiting motions of the sun moon and earth?

The force of gravity.

What are Earth's two real motions?

The two general motions of the Earth are rotation once per day. The other is revolution around the sun which takes 365 days.

What are the earths two principal motions?

Rotation- the spinning of earth about its axis Revolution- movement of earth in its orbit around the sun :)

What are earths two real motions?

Earth revolves around the sun and rotates on its axis.