What are the muscles used for raising the rib cage?

Raising the ribcage is usually associated with breathing. The main muscles OS inspiration, which raise the ribcage are the; sternoceidomastoid, scalenes, pectoralis minor, and the external intercostals. The pectoralis major plays a smaller role as does the levator scapula, and the upper trapezius.

If you are giving a massage to a person with asthma, it would be a good idea to address these muscles in your work, because they will tend to be fatigued from overwork during inhalation. This is what people living with chronic asthma have a difficult time doing.

Also, after addressing and relaxing these primary muscles, it would be a good idea to change the focus of the massage to a more nurturant and relaxing one, such as Swedish; this will help them extend the time between recurrence of bouts of asthma attacks.

A doctor's clearance is not usually necessary, but if they have frequent and severe asthma attacks, then it may be wise to consult with their doctor before prceeding.