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Were all Anne Franks family Jewish?

Yes, Anne Franks family were Jewish.

What happened in 1940 that changed the live of Anne Franks family?

Anne franks family went in to hiding

Was Anne Franks family nice?

her family were nice to her

What religion is anne franks family?


What other family hid with Anne Franks family?


How long was Anne Franks family hiding for?

Anne Franks family were in hiding for 2 years until they got found and taken to a concentration camp.

What are the names of 3 of anne franks hobbies?


What happend to Anne Franks family?

they got killed

What year was anne franks family captured?


Was Anne Franks Family rich?

extremly wealthy

Where did anne franks family originally live?


Who were the Franks in general from the Diary of Anne Frank?

Her Family

How did Anne franks family get treated at Auschwitz?


What did Anne franks family go into hiding?

yes they did

Where was Anne Franks hideout?

Anne Franks hideout was in a attic at the top of a very tall building so the Germans couldn't get her family and herself.

What was Anne Franks favourite sport?

anne franks favorite sport was water polo. she played all the time with her family in the pool by the bay.

Anne Franks native country was called?

Anne Frank and her family were born in Germany.

How did Anne franks family get food?

miep and mr clayer

For how long was Anne Franks Family hiding for?

2 years

What happened to Anne Franks family after they were found?

they got arrested

When franks family go into hiding what did Anne take with her?


Where is Anne Franks from?

merwedepe Amsterdam

What was Anne Franks friends real names?

Jaquline Van Marsen

What was the family that Anne franks family lived with name?

The last name was the Van Daans

Who was the family that joined the franks in anne Frank the Diary of a Young Girl?

The family was the Crops.