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Their names are Alexandra,16, Lauren, 19, and Audrey, 13.

Well, now you have it!
in the show good luck charlie they are charlie(mia talerico) and teddy(bridget mendler)
in real life their names are Jesse,Caitlin and lee
Jesse,Caitlin and lee Jesse is 16 lee is 14 and Caitlin is 17
Charlie and Teddy
There names are Lee Jesse && Caitlin xx
taylor lauter is hot
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What does the name Bradley mean?

The meaning of the name Bradley is, "From The Broad Meadow." The origin of the name Bradley is English

Tyler perry's siblings names?

Tyler has a brother who was in his movie Dairy of Mad Black Woman the bus seen. His name is Emmbre Perry. He has a myspace page.

What is Katy Perry's real name?

Katy Perry's was born Kathryn Elizabeth Hudson; her stage name is Katy Perry, taking her mother's maiden name: Perry. Since marrying fellow celebrity Russell Brand in 2010 her legal name has changed to Kathryn Elizabeth Brand.

What are Katy Perry's parents names?

Her father is Keith Hudson and her mother is Mary Hudson. Perry is her mother's maiden name, which Katy chose so people wouldn't confuse her with actress Kate Hudson. Her parents are both evangelical ministers.

What are the names of Katy perry's songs?

I kissed a girl California gurls Teenage dream Firework Peacock Hot n cold Waking up in Vegas Thinking of you One of the boys Ur so gay If you cant afford me Mannequin Last Friday night I'm still breathing Part of Me

What is Katie perry's full name?

Katie Jane Perry (the fashion designer, not the singer). For the singer Katy Perry , see related questions.

What is name of Katy Perry's album?

The name of her album is "One of the Boys" and it is coming out on the 11th of may 2010 i think LOVE KATY PERRY I COULD LISTEN TO HER ALL DAY

What is Bradley branning real name?

If you mean who plays Bradley Branning- then it's Charlie Clements If you mean what is Bradley's real name- then it's Bradley Branning! He Is Dating 18 year old Annabelle Lizzie Thompkins after meeting her in the BBC Canteen. She was also seen leaving with Charlie hand in hand after the live ( Full Answer )

What are the names of Tyler Perry's movies?

Tyler Perry's movies are Madea Goes To Jail; I Can Do Bad All By Myself; Madea's Big Happy Family; Why Did I Get Married?; Why Did I Get Married, Too?; Diary of a Mad Black Woman; Madea's Family Reunion; Meet the Browns; The Family That Preys ; and Daddy's Little Girls . He also produced and di ( Full Answer )

What is Katy Perry's whole name?

She was born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson on October 25, 1984 in Santa Barbara, CA. She later began using the stage name Katy Perry because her real name was too similar to that of actress Kate Hudson.

Who is Katy Perry's twin sister?

She does not have a twin sister but she has a sister named Phoebe Hudson and a brother named Tyler Hudson

How old are Katy Perry's brother and sister?

Her sister Angela Hudson is two years older than she is (bornDecember 7, 1982). . Her brother David Hudson is four years younger than Katy (bornAugust 11, 1988).

What is Katie perry's dogs name?

Katy Perry had a dog named Peaches when she was younger. Currently, she has two cats named Kitty Purry and Krusty. (it's unclear whom has Krusty at the moment due to the divorce with former husband Russell Brand.)

What is Katy Perry's sister's name?

Angela Hudson is Katy Perry's older sister. Angela helped toinspire Katy to pursue her career in music and they both have abrother name David.

What is Bradley Perry's official fan email address?

No fan email address for Bradley Perry is known. You can write to him at his fan mail address: Bradley Steven Perry Go Talent Management 12930 Ventura Blvd. Suite 904 Studio City, CA 91604 USA

Who is Bradley Steven Perry's girlfriend?

There are no tweets by Bradley Steven Perry on his verified twitter @bradley_s_perry that he is dating anyone or that he has a girlfriend. And I haven't seen any interviews or articles where he says that he is dating or that he has a girlfriend.

Does Bradley steven perry have a sister?

yes he has three sisters and he is the youngest and only boy out of 4 children! good luck charlie is my favorite tv show and bradley is my favorite of all the characters! my name is alex and i am from a small island, Cyprus

What is Bradley Steven Perry's Facebook?

Bradley does not have a Facebook. On September 28, 2011 Bradley tweeted the message below: Bradley Steven Perry ‏ @ bradley_s_perry Hi guys, for those who have been asking no i do not have a Facebook.

Who was Bradley Steven Perry's last girlfriend?

There are no tweets by Bradley Steven Perry on his verified twitter @bradley_s_perry that he is dating anyone or that he has a girlfriend. And I haven't seen any interviews or articles where he says that he is dating or that he has a girlfriend.

Who is the Bradley center in Milwaukee named for?

Funds to build the Bradley Center were donated as a gift to the State of Wisconsin by philanthropists Jane Pettit and Lloyd Pettit in memory of Jane's late father, Harry Lynde Bradley of the Allen-Bradley company.

What is Katy Perry's sons name?


What are all the names of Katy perry's songs?

1 teenage dream 2 hummingbird heat beat 3 circle the drain 4 last friday night 5 California girls 6 fireworks 7 hot'n cold 8 straktur 9waking up in Vegas

Is Dongbreath really Bradley Steven Perry's last name?

No its not his real last name and if you don't belive go. To ask.com I'm serious its not. His real last. His real last name is steven. Hello you should not that bloggers and blogger readers

What is Bradley Steven Perry's official Twitter account?

Bradley Steven Perry's official fan Twitter page can be accessed by clicking on the related link below. Bradley's verified account name is @bradley_s_perry; you know it's a real account because it has the blue "verified" checkmark next to the name.

What is the name of Katy Perry's perfume?

She has two one called purr and one called meow they are cat shaped bottle perfumes. The meow is pink and purr is purple purr was the first to be rekeased

What was the name of Katy Perry's high school?

Katy Perry went to high school in Santa Barbra California at Dos Pueblos high school and graduated second semester in 9th grade to fulfill her dream since age 9 to be a singer. You can see her high school on youtube if you search MTV hoods Katy Perry