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Q: What are the names of Ellie gouldings sisters?
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What is Ellie Gouldings nationality?

Ellie Goulding is British.

What is Ellie gouldings personality?


What is the tempo of Ellie gouldings 'your song'?

what is the tempo of ellie goulding your song

What is ellie gouldings skype name?


When is Ellie gouldings birthday?

30th of December

Who is izzy in Ellie gouldings video?

Her sister.

What was Ellie gouldings first job?

a pet minder

What are Ellie gouldings favorite things to do?

she loves jogging and singing

What is Ellie gouldings fan mail address?

What is Ellie gouldings natural hair colour?

She has blonde hair

Did Ellie Goulding used to you a man?

no, she never used to be a man. Ellie gouldings always been female and its obvious.

What are Ellie gouldings fans called?

I see a lot of "Goulddiggers" on Twitter

What is Ellie gouldings favourite perfume?

she loves the aroma of my back passage

What is Ellie Gouldings address?

I don't know Ellie's full address but i know her fan mail address. It is

What font is used in Ellie gouldings websites?

Mostra Nuova Alt D

In the book Bridge to Teribithia how many sisters does Jess' have and what are their names?

Jess has four sisters and their names and their names are Ellie, Brenda, May bell and Joyce Ann.

What are the names of Jesses' sisters in Bridge to Terabithia?

ellie, brenda, may belle, and joyce ann

How many sisters does Ellie Simmonds have?

2 sisters

Ellie wore her sisters dress. Is this sentence correct?

Ellie wore her sister's dress.

Does Selena Gomez have an step sisters?

Sophie and ellie

What is Liam Payne's sisters called?

ellie and leah {;

Selena Gomez's sisters?

Selena sisters are Sophie and ellie

What are Ellie Shackletons parents names?

Ellie Shackletons parents are called Melanie And Paul Shackleton

Is there a hurricane called Ellie?

Yea there was my names Ellie yay __ There have been quite a few hurricanes (and cyclons) named Ellie.

Ellie dad and mum names?