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Santa Claus has many elves. They speak all different languages just like Santa Claus. If there is an average of one present per child, there needs to be a lot of elves to make all of those toys. Most children even get two to three presents from Santa Claus. Name a name, and at least one elf probably has that name.

Jingle and Jangle are the names of the two elves who help Mrs. Claus in the movie, "The Year Without A Santa Claus". Elisa, Aaron, Roger, Ju-Jube, Francios, Gralofski, and Cotelle are a few one of the known names of elves. You can find more by searching the internet.
They have many different names.

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mines name is Ellie, a friends name is Cupcake and you are right, there are MILLIONS of different elves with different names!

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Q: What are the names of Santa's elves?
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the six names of santas elves are jon,joe,jane,james,jonny,joly.

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Santa has thousands of elves. It would be nearly impossible to list all of Santa's elves' names. Though, we do know that two elves' names are Jingle and Jangle, but there are many more out there.

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In my belief I think elfs are real .

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A GNOME page

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They take little naps when tired.

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