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china,Australia,New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, great Britain, usa, France, Soviet Union, Poland when it was occupied when some polish troops joined the war to the allied side,India,later ,Brazil in 1945!

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Q: What are the names of all Allies in World War 2?
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Who was fighting the allies in World War I?

The Kiser of Germany. (edit) And all his allies in serbia, where the war started

How did the defeat of German allies in World War 1 allow the allies to win the war?

The German Allies surrenedered because they want peace, and then the allies killed them all.

What nations were allies of the US during World War 2?

All countries that were part of the Allies were an all of the U.S.

Who were Britain's allies in World War 1?

Britain's allies for the second world war were France, Russia and the USA. They all were part of the triple entente.

What countries were World War I and World War 2 allies?

The United States, England, and France were all allies in world war 1 and world war 2. Britan,Russia,U.S.A.,China,India,etc. were Allied in world war 2.

How did the Battle of Leyte Gulf contribute to the Allies victory in World War 2?

they took all of the independence from the war in w2 and the allies did not surrender to the Germans

What were all the countries conquered by the Axis powers during World War 2?

Allies! It is Allies! France, Britain and more!

What did the Japan get for helping the Allies in World War 1?

They got absolutely NOTHING AT ALL.........!

What were all of the allies in world war 2?

they waz Germany , Italy , France and japan.

How did the Allies cause World War 1?

By defending themselves from an aggressor. If the Allies had just let the Kaiser take over all of Europe, there would have been no war.

What was the conclusion of World War 1?

The conclusion of the World War One was that Germany had to give the Allies money to pay for all the damages to their countries.

Who were US Allies World War 2?

There were many others. After all, it was a World war. Other countries aligned with the Allies included Mexico, Polish Government In Exile, Bulgaria, Greece, Tibet and so on.

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