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red blue green purple black gray brown aisan color and black and blue foot

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What are the names for all the colors?

See the link below for the answer.

Who came up with the name of colors?

Alondra amezquita came up with all the names of the colors

What are all the colors names?

black white asain mexican

How many colors can your hair be?

all the colors in the world

What is orlaga?

all colors in the world.

How many Essie nail polish colors are there?

Well, I went on to the website - and i counted all the colors that she has and it is 266. All the colors are on the website if you would like to check. It is a super helpful website. It even has the names of all 266 colors.

What are all the names of colors?

The colors of the rainbow are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. There are numerous other colors made from combinations of these.

Do you capitalize colors?

No, names of colors are not capitalized.

What are the names of all the primary colours?

Primary colors: Red, blue, yellow.

What do the rings and colours represent in the Olympics?

all nations coming together and the colors are colors of all the world flags

What color do you get when you combine all the colors in the world?


What color do you get if you mix all colors in the world?


What 3 seas have colors in their names?

The Black, Red and Yellow sea. They are all found in Asia.

Why are the same element names and symbols used all over the world?

so they all no the names

What are the names of all the insects in the world?

Not all of them are named, and most of those who are just have scientific names.

What color does John Cena like?

all the colors in the world

Can guinea pigs see all the colors in the world?

Sadly, no.

What colors are all kinds of pigs in the world?

a stupid colour

How many colors are there on the flags in the world?

There is exactly 200000045 colours on all the flags in the world

What are names of colors?

There are hundreds of millions of colors that are too long to list.

What are the names of all ther the planets in the world?

Earth. All of the other planets are OUT of this world.

What are the names of all the herbivores in the world?

that is not possible to answer.

What are the names of all of the planes in the world?

to many

Names of colors?

red orange Yellow. green BLue puRple are coLors of The. RAinbow... there are more Colors.........................................

Where did the names of colors come from?

the Greeks