What are the names of all the generals of the Vietnam war?

You need to obtain a copy of VIETNAM WAR: ORDER OF BATTLE; by Shelby Stanton. The USAF had generals, the USMC, and the US Army (the Navy had Admirals). The following US Army divisions were in Vietnam, each commanded by a general (11th ACR may have had only a full Colonel in command): Generals Harkins, Westmoreland, and Abrams were the commanders of ALL US Forces in Vietnam from '61 thru '73. 1. 1st Air Cavalry Division (Sky Troopers) (Film: We Were Soldiers...) 2. 1st Infantry Division (Big Red One) 3. 4th Infantry Division (Ivy Division) 4. 5th Mechanized Infantry Division (only the 1st Brigade-authorized one commanding general) 5. 9th Infantry Division (Film: Forest Gump) 6. 11th ACR (Blackhorse/Armored Cavalry Regiment) (Commanded by Colonel George S. Patton, son of WW2 General Patton). 7. 82nd Airborne Division (All Americans) 8. 101st Airmobile (Abn) Division (Screaming Eagles) 9. Americal Division (Oregon Task Force) (former division of General's Norman Schwarzkopf and Colin Powell). 10. 199th Light Infantry Brigade 11. 196th Light Infantry Brigade 12. 25th Infantry Division (Tropical Lightning) (Film: Platoon).