What are the names of all the mr men and little misses?

Mr Tickle

Mr Greedy

Mr Happy

Mr Nosey

Mr Sneeze

Mr Bump

Mr Snow

Mr Messy

Mr Topsy - Turvy

Mr Silly

Mr Uppity

Mr Small

Mr Daydream

Mr Forgetful

Mr Jelly

Mr Noisy

Mr Lazy

Mr Funny

Mr Mean

Mr Chatterbox

Mr Fussy

Mr Bounce

Mr Muddle

Mr Dizzy

Mr Impossible

Mr Strong

Mr Grumpy

Mr Clumsy

Mr Quiet

Mr Rush

Mr Tall

Mr Worry

Mr Nonsense

Mr Wrong

Mr Skinny

Mr Mischief

Mr Clever

Mr Busy

Mr Slow

Mr Brave

Mr Grumble

Mr Perfect

Mr Cheerful

Mr Cool

Mr Rude

Mr Good

Mr Christmas

Mr Cheeky

Mr Birthday