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What are the names of the lakes in Saudi Arabia?

There are no lakes in Saudi Arabia.

What are the common male names in Saudi Arabia?

The common male names in Saudi Arabia are Mohammed, Ibrahim, Ismail, Isaac, Ahmed, Bander, Saeed, Ali, Khalid, Faisal and Omar.

What are the names of contraceptive pills available in Saudi Arabia?

stones and fists

What are the names of all the oil refinery plants in Canada?

Trinidad drilling

Do streets in Riyadh Saudi Arabia have names and numbered houses?

yes absolutely

What are the names of the three deserts in Saudi Arabia?

Ab-KebabRajneesh FaranahPOOji

What are the names of AGCC countries?

U.A.E.,Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain AND Kuwait.

What are the names of mountains in Saudi Arabia?

Kameko. amok. Bamako. Krakow. Nakoma and soak

What are the common female names in Saudi Arabia?

sharmane, camila, clariza, Marie Christine....

What are names of garments worn in Saudi Arabia?

cultural dress of Saudi Arabia, men wear thob and women wear thob too but women also wear a hijab when they move out of their house.

What are the names of gulf countries?

the names of the gulf countries are oman,yemen,u.a.e,bahrain,qatar,kuwait and saudi arabia

What are the names of gulf countries that still has dictatorship?

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and UAE are monarchies.

What are the names of some Islamic countries?

Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait, Dubai, Qatar, Egypt...

What are the names of the oil refinery plants in Louisiana?


In Saudi Arabia what does HMS stand for?

If your talking about ship names then it would be either HIS Majesty's Ship or HER Majesty's Ship

Did Saudi Arabia provide nationaliti for non Saudi?

Saudi Nationality is provided to a very limited number. due to social structure it's not easy for non-Saudi to fit in. Many families as the Saudi Arabia was Created got the Saudi nationality due to the fact they were here in can notice that from Family names, some can give a hint of their origin.These days you can see some would get it but it's very very limited.

What are three names of the desert in Saudi Arabia?

1.) Arabian Desert2.) Empty Quarter 3.) Rub al Khali

What are the names of two kingdoms in middle east?

Two kingdoms still existing in the Middle East are Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

What is the most popular religion in Saudi Arabia?

Muslim, Islam, Mohammeden. Different names for the same religion. Favoured by the Arab races.

Do Arabic names indicate race?

Yes, Arabic names in Gulf countries like ( Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Yemen .. etc ) differ somehow from names in other Arabic countries.

What are the names of all the Gulf countries?

7 Gulf Countries:IranUnited Arab EmiratesOmanBahrainQatarSaudi ArabiaKuwait

What are some names of countries that begin with the letter S?

Saudi Arabia Senegal South Africa South Korea Spain Sweden Switzerland Syria

What are the names of the regions of Saudi Arabia?

there are 13 regionsand are: q,w,e,r,t,y,u,i,o,p,a,s,d.these are all of them

Where can i find auto spare part dealer in Saudi Arabia?

Get in touch with Abdul Latif Jameel. They are a big name in the automobile industry in Saudi Arabia. They have been Toyota spare parts dealers for decades and also offer other services like dealerships and distributorship for big names like Lexus, Hino and Daihatsu.

Did George Washington have a pet?

George Washington had many animals including dogs, horses and apparently a camel in Saudi Arabia. The animals are said to have strange and uncommon names.

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