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'How many people died in the Auschwitz gas chambers' was the original question and the answer is apporx 1,500,000. It is not the same as the current question - to which the answer is 'not all identities are known' and to list the known names would be a list of over a million and not practical. I suggest a visit to various Holocaust memorial web site.

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How did the gas chambers kill people in the Holocaust?

The chambers appeared to be showers, but what came out was not water, but gas. People inhaling the gas died.

What type of people died in the gas chambers?

the Jewish people

What happened in the gas chambers in Auschwitz?

people died.

What were the names of all gas chambers in Holocaust?

The gas chambers didn't have names. They took the name of the camp they were situated in.

What happened to mr van pels?

he died in the gas chambers he died in the gas chambers

What happened to people inside gas chambers during the Holocaust?

they suffocated and died

What happened after the people in the gas chambers died?

The bodies were removed and buried or cremated.

How did Jews and other people die in Auschwitz?

Most died from the gas chambers or starvation.

Why did Hana Brady get killed?

She died in the gas chambers at Auschwitz. All children where sent straight to the gas chambers.

How did holocaust gas chambers work?

people were put into a room, the room was sealed, the gas was put in, the people died. The specifics of how the rooms were sealed and the gas was put in differed, but the principle was the same.

How many people were supposed to have died before the 1980 in the Auschwitz gas chambers?

certainly more than after the 1980.

What happend in the Nazi death camps' gas chambers?

In the Nazi death camps' gas chambers people were killed with poison gas.

Why were people put in gas chambers?

To kill them

Where most J ews died in the camps?

In the gas chambers.

How were people gassed in the holocaust?

they were put into gas chambers, and the gas killed them

What is the point in gas chambers?

The Holocaust was a very scary time for the Jews. The gas chambers werement to make them suffer, and kill them. --- The point of gas chambers was to kill large numbers of people quickly.

Why did people die in the gas chambers?

such a horrible ,evil, statment where do you people come from? 6 million !! jews died in gas chambers, not to mention 500,000 americans lost their lives during ww II ,so you would be speaking german if not for those men.Twitter

How many Jewish people died in Yugoslavia in holocaust?

more than 6 mllion jews did in Yugolavia in holocaust. Atleast 8 milion people died from gas chambers.

How did Nazis gas people in gas chambers?

They would (tightly) pack people into a sealed room and then inject the gas.

How did they gas people?

In gas chambers and in some cases in specially designed trucks.

What type of people did the Germans send to the gas chambers?

Jewish people

Where did the gas for the gas chambers in buchenwald come from?

Buchenwald did not have gas chambers

What camps were the gas chambers located in during the holocaust what were the names of the camps?

concentration camps.

Why were certain people separated from the other and led gas chambers?

When train loads of people arrived at the gas chambers often a score or so were selected to work in the gas chambers, with the job of collecting and disposing of the bodies. Sometimes more than this were spared the gas chambers (for a while) if there was a need for workers, in this case the more physically fit would be chosen.

How many Jews were killed in German gas chambers in world war 2?

I'm pretty sure that it was about 40% of the people who died.