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What are the names of the Jewish nations present in Jerusalem on the day of pentecost?

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December 11, 2007 3:33AM

Those living or dwelling there permanently were from born from twelve different nations, but those sorjourning were there for the feast both Jewish and proselyte (converts to Judiasm) from Rome; Cretans and Arabs. They were dispersed Jewish "dwellers" (dispersed Jews who took up residence) IN Jerusalem because, according to Luke 2:25 and 38, they were waiting for the Messiah to come and save Israel. These dispersed Jews actually living in and took residence in Jerusalem were originally born from 12 other nations and three different dispersions. These 12 different countries represented the those actually living in Jerusalem, and they were there on the Day of Pentecost. They composed of: (1) Parthians, and (2) Medes, and (3) Elamites, (4) and those who inhabit Mesopotamia, (5) and Judaea, (6) and Cappadocia, (7) Pontus and (8) Asia, (9) Phrygia and (10) Pamphylia, (11) Egypt, (12) and the parts of Libya which is near to Cyrene. There were also in the crowd on that day of Pentecost sorjourners or visitors from Rome, Crete and Arabia who simply came to keep the Jewish feast of Pentecost, and were not necesarily awaiting for the Messiah to save Israel. They were Jews and those converted to Judiasm. So, there were Jewish dwellers in Jerusalem from 12 different nations. The sojourners are simply travelers that may or may not have been born in Rome or Crete or Arabia.