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There is the Gomco Clamp, Jewish Shield, Mogen Clamp, Plastibell, etc.

This site explains it all:

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What is the name of the tool used in circumcision?

There are different tools used for circumcision. Usually, it's either a surgical knife or scalpel.

Was the Jewish child given a name at circumcision?

The names of Jewish boys are announced to the public at their circumcision.

Which stage of a person's life does circumcision mark?

Different religions have different meanings on circumcision. Otherwise, it's a health purpose.

What tools are used in a circumcision?

There are many different tools used. All circumcisions require some type of cutting device, typical a scalpel. Besides that, there are many tools. These include the Gomco Camp, Jewish Shield, Mogen Clamp, Plastibell and many others.

How many different kinds of male circumcision are there?

There is only one kind of Male Circumcision

What is the tool used by a mohel during a circumcision?

The tools used by a Mohel during a circumcision are:Mila knifeMagen shieldMafridHemostatMotzetz

In Windows XP your Computer and Windows Explorer are really the same tools with different names?


What are the different tools classified as boring tools?

Here are the names of 5 common hand boring tools used for woodwork.Brad awlAugerTwist drillCounter sinkReamer

What are the names of the male circumcision cuts?

Low and loose as well as high and tight.

What are all the names of ancient Egyptian tools?


What instruments are used for circumcision for adult in operating room?

There are different circumcision procedures. You need to ask the surgeon which one he or she uses.

What is different Tools of motivation?

What is different tools of Motivation?

What is the names of tools use by scientist for observing?

their tools and observations.

How many women who object to circumcision have experience of both states?

Good question! I only know that all women are different when it comes to circumcision.

Are there different ways to circumcise?

There are different medical techniques, but circumcision has been found to be medically harmful.

How does England describe circumcision?

They have 2 names for it: 1. Circumcised: roundheads 2. Uncircumcised: cavaliers

Names of aboriginal tools?


How many different ways can you spell the name Mae?

mai maeigh may maee maie mai There are also tools that help you find different spellings for names

How much is an adult circumcision in Mississippi?

All 50 states have different costs. because circumsicion is an ellectiv procedure (has no medical bennefit) circumcision is NOT covered by insurance.

What has the author Nathan Gottlieb written?

Nathan Gottlieb has written: 'A Jewish child is born' -- subject(s): Circumcision, Jewish, Names, Personal, Personal Names

What are the different tools and equipments used in commercial cooking?

different tools and equipment in cooking

What are the characteristics of the different types of circumcision?

Circumcision, in males, is the surgical removal of the foreskin or prepuce of the penis. About one-third of males in the United States are circumcised using this process. Two other operations on the penis are practiced by different ethnic groups, this being superincision and subincision. Superincision is a form of male circumcision in which the upper part of the foreskin is incised but not removed. Subincision is another form of male circumcision in which a cut is made along the underside of the penis, exposing the urethra. This type of circumcision is primarily practiced by Australian aborigines.

What are the different tools used to study the universe?

The different tools are satellites, probes, telescopes. and spacecrafts.

How much is it to get a baby circumcised?

Circumcision is NOT covered by insurance, and each State has different costs.

What happened if you get circumcision when you are 12?

U willy looks different and it might hurt for a moth

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