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Common categories for Jeopardy include sports, entertainment, history, geography, art and literature. More specific categories may include WWII, State Capitals, US Presidents, Europe, Film Directors, Musicians, Sports Teams, and 19th Century Authors.

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Q: What are the names of the jeopardy subjects?
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What was the Final Jeopardy Category on April 8 2010?

Portrait SubjectsThe final Jeopardy category was Portrait Subjects on April 8, 2010.

What are the jeopardy subjects?

The Jeopardy! production staff has six researchers and 10 writers whose jobs are to create and assemble categories and questions for the series.

Who were the players of the first jeopardy game?

Names of the Jeopardy Contestants are available at the Jeopardy archive. See related link and look for that date under the season for the episode

Are the name of subjects for example physics noun?

Yes, the names of subjects are nouns.

What was the final Jeopardy for October 15 2009?

Biblical names

What was the final Jeopardy category answer on April 7 2010?

Celebrity Names is the Jeopardy Final Category for April 7 2010.

What was the final Jeopardy category on August 30 2010?

The Final Jeopardy category for August 30 2010 was Biblical Names

What are some popular classroom games?

Around the World is a popular spelling game. Hangman and Jeopardy are also very popular; Jeopardy in particular can be used as a review tool for many subjects.

Math and sociology?

Are names of two subjects.

What was the final Jeopardy category on October 6 2009?

The final Category on October 6 2009 is Biography Subjects

What is special about the auditions for Jeopardy?

The Jeopardy! audition process differs from that of many other game shows in that it involves passing a difficult test of knowledge on a diversity of subjects, approximating the material encountered by contestants on the show.

What are the names of the people within a kingdom?

They are called subjects.