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From their official website. Rohan Delano Turney, Peter Lamarr, Victor Bynoe and Patrick Alan FriPilot

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Who are the two female backup singers in the Tennessee kids?

The Tennessee kids two backup singers are Zenya Bashford and Nicole Hurst. The group also has two male backup singers.

What are all the male country singers names?


What are the names of teen male singers?

Austin Mahone.

Famous male singers with female names?

Marilyn Manson?

Who is the 70's white male singer with two black female backup singers?

Tony Orlando

What are the names of Lady Gaga's male backup dancers on X factor?

Jim, Mike and Colin

Who is kesha's backup singer?

Kesha has two backup singers, one male and one female. The woman's name is Lauren. She also plays key-tar. The Man plays guitar, but I'm unsure of his name.

Who were roy orbison's backup singers?

The female backups are Bonnie Raitt, Jennifer Warnes and k.d. Lang. Jackson Browne leads the male trio.

Names of famous male opera singers?

Caruso Gigli Pavarotti Carreras Gobbi Bocelli Domingo

Black male singers whose last name begins with D?

Fats DominoClarence Dawson (member of the 1960's group, Smokey and the Miracles)Richard Knight Dunbar (member of the 1960's group, The Drifters)

Who are Justin Timberlake's male backup dancers?

Justin Timberlake has several male backup dancers, but it is not known what their names are. One of his female dancers is named Dana Wilson. The dancers on his 20/20 Experience World Tour are under a union contract.

Sexy male singers?

there is nothing wrong with sexy male singers. if they happen to be more than sexy then that a really good

List of Country and Western male singers names?

Here is a short list of Country/Western male singers: Garth Brooks Keith Urban Blake Shelton Brady Seals Josh Thompson Michael White

Who is the black male singing group that formed in prison in late 60s early 70s?

Could it be the Drifters

What singers have the last name starting with b?

male singers with first name Micheal

Who are some male singers from 60's?

Some of the best male singers that come from the 60s are The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Elvis Presley. The Rolling Stones is another group of male singers and musicians that were just starting their career in the 60s.

Who are some male singers last names that begin and end with letter a?

John Alford Peter Andre Mike Anthony Ashaye David Austin

Who are the newest male singers?

Justin bieber

Who are the richest male singers?

micheal jackson

Dead black male singers?


What is the ratio of female singers to male in the UK?

more ladies are singers because they have better voices.

List of popular American black male singers?

A list of popular American black male singers would include Prince, Chris Brown and R. Kelly. Other famous black male singers are Lenny Kravitz, Lil Wayne, Lloyd and Usher.

What is the name of 60s group with two male singers?

Three Dog Night had their first four chart hits in 1969...two male lead singers

Who are some black male singers of 2000 2011?

Jason deroulo, Usher, Akon. Amzing singers.

What are male opera singers called?

Queer :P