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What are the names of the men in the photograph 'Lunchtime atop a skyscraper' by Charles C Ebbets?

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There are somewhat differing accounts of who these men were.

A list supplied by a WikiAnswers member follows, starting from the left:

  1. Martin "Matty" O'Shaughnessy (Ireland)
  2. James Joy (Ireland)
  3. Austin Lawton (Newfoundland)
  4. John Charles Cook (Native American)
  5. Claude Stagg (Newfoundland)
  6. John Patrick Madden (Irish)
  7. "Stretch" Donahue (Ireland)
  8. Francis Michael Rafferty (Ireland)
  9. Thomas Enright (Ireland)
  10. Thomas "Norton" Naughton (Ireland)
  11. Patrick "Sonny" Glynn (Ireland)

The list in Wikipedia is as follows (source link below), starting from the left:

  1. Matty O'Shaughnessy from County Galway, Ireland
  2. ?
  3. Austin Lawton of King's Cove, Newfoundland
  4. ?
  5. Claude Stagg of Catalina, Newfoundland.
  6. John Patrick Madden,( Irish)
  7. ?
  8. Francis Michael Rafferty
  9. Stretch Donahue
  10. Thomas Norton (born Naughton) of County Galway, Ireland
  11. either Patrick "Sonny" Glynn of County Galway, Ireland or Gusti Popovič, a Slovak from Czechoslovakia

One WikiAnswers writer added this:

At least two of the men (the second and third from the right) are Hungarian. The third man from the right is Louis Friedman who was 28 at the time this picture was taken. Louis identified himself in this picture in the 1980's. Mr. Friedman identified the second person from the right as his brother.

2012-05-10 09:39:38
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Q: What are the names of the men in the photograph 'Lunchtime atop a skyscraper' by Charles C Ebbets?
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My relatives who live in Long Island NY say that the man 3rd to the left is my great-grandfather, Thomas Enright. His father was Patrick Enright who came with family and son from County Claire, Ireland in 1910s. My family recognized our connection by his face but also by the gloves with the stars on them... We have both pictures (Lunchtime Atop a Skyscraper; Resting on a Girder) framed at our family houses. Where can I claim my royalities?? :) The man on the far left is my Great Granduncle, Matty O'Shaughnessy and I'm from Galway which is right next to Clare..

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