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ZP Theart - lead vocals (founder) Herman Li - lead and rhythm Guitars, backing vocals (founder) Sam Totman - lead and rhythm guitars, backing vocals (founder) Vadim Pruzhanov - keyboards, backing vocals Dave Mackintosh - drums, percussion, backing vocals Frederic leclercq - Bass Guitar, backing vocals

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What are bands?

my favorite band is dragon force how about you?

Who are dragon force?

Dragonforce are a rock band.

When did the band dragon force start?

it started at a year 1999

How old is the band Dragon-force?

It was formed in 1999 so it would be 10 years old

Is dragon force a metal band?

Yeah. More like Celtic Speed Metal. Yes

Is dragon force gay?

A few members are for sure, don't know about the whole band though..

What is the names of the people in the band six d?

six d names cassie

What are the names and pics of the people in the band perry?


Is DragonForce a Christian band?

the dragon force band it self isn't christian, but some of the band members have christian backgrounds and some of there songs have christian lyrics and messages behind them. like revelations for example

What is dragon force?

DragonForce is an extreme power metal band based in London. For additional information refer to their website:

Is there a band called steel dragon?

no, steel dragon is the name of a band that was in the movie rock star. which is based on the real band Judas priest.

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kimberly, raid, and neil perry

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If a pulling force is exerted on an elastic band, then the elastic band will stretch. The more force that is exerted, the more the band will stretch.

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I'm assuming you're talking about the Korean band?? G-Dragon Taeyang T.O.P Daesung Seungri

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The Band that sings it is 30!3. There' stwo people in the band, don't know their names.

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Max Tom siva jay Nathan

Is Rascal Flatts a band or a person?

Rascal Flatts is a band. The band has 3 people in it. Their names are Jay DeMarcus, Gary LeVox, and Joe Don Rooney.

How do you play Naked Brothers Band songs on Guitar?

Go to: Typ: Naked brothers band by band names, so change song names to band names. And there you are ;)

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band mamas

Are there names for a recycled band?

usable band

What are the names or the people in the band perry?

kimberly perry red perry neil perry

What are the names of the people in the band One Direction?

Louis, Harry, Liam, Zayne, Niall.

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the two headed dragon is the rarest zany band.

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The third rarest silly band is the sparkly dragon

What are the names of the people in the band Twenty Twenty?

The Names of Twenty Twenty are Sam Halliday, Jack Halliday & Sonny Watson-Lang.

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