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What are the names that refer to Mary mother of Jesus Christ?

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Mary aka

Holy Mother of God

Holy Virgin of virgins

Mother of Christ

Mother of the Church

Mother of divine grace

Mother most pure

Mother most chaste

Mother inviolate

Mother undefiled

Mother most amiable

Mother most admirable

Mother of good counsel

Mother of our Creator

Mother of our Savior

Virgin most prudent

Virgin most venerable

Virgin most renowned

Virgin most powerful

Virgin most Faithful

Mirror of justice

Seat of wisdom

Cause of our joy

Spiritual vessel

Vessel of honor

Singular vessel of devotion

Mystical rose

Tower of David

Tower of Ivory

House of gold

Ark of the covenant

Gate of heaven

Morning star

Health of the sick

Refuge of sinners

Comforter of the afflicted

Help of Christians

Queen of angels

Queen of patriarchs

Queen of prophets

Queen of apostles

Queen of martyrs

Queen of confessors

Queen of virgins

Queen of all saints

Queen conceived without original sin

Queen assumed into heaven

Queen of the most holy Rosary

Queen of families

Queen of peace

Mary,Mother of good remedy

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Christ was not actually Jesus' last name. The Jews didn't actually use last names. Instead they would refer to a person's parentage (Jesus, son of Joseph or Jesus, son of Mary). Christ refers to the Messiah.

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Yes the Bible does refer to his siblings.

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No. Christ is the English translation of the koine Greek word Χριστός (Kristos) which is a title that means one who is anointed. This is used to refer to Jesus of Nazareth (Jesus Christ) as a messianic figure, or "Jesus the anointed".

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Roman Catholics refer to her as the mother of God.

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Jesus Christ was born around the year that most people refer to as year "0". It is neither BC. (Before Christ) nor AD. (After Death of Jesus); it is a center point.

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