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Q: What are the native animals of Bosnia?
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What animals live in Bosnia?


How did introduced animals affect native animals in NZ?

It affected native animals because the native animals became prey to the new animals

What are native animals?

native animals are animals that are origanly from one country.

What are native animals in Ukraine?

native animals ofukraine

What are minnesota's native animals?

the native animals are your nutègeous and the objécti

Native animals in Greece?

lots of animals are native everywhere

Are penguins native animals to Argentina?

Yes they are native animals

What animals are native to Arkansas?

Arkansas is has many native animals to the state. A few of the native animals are blue jays, barn owls, and finches.

Does Canada have native animals?

Every country has native animals and plants.

Some of England's Native Animals?

what are some of Englands Native Animals?

What is the native animals in Finland?

Finland native animals are: deers, foxes and wolves.

Which are the two Native American animals?

All people are classed as animals. Native Americans are people. There are therefore more than two native American animals.

Sweden native animals?

One of Sweden's native animals is the moose. Also, the beaver, Arctic fox, brown bear and wolf are native animals of Sweden.

Why did the Native Americans kill animals?

because the animals were new and they were not femoliar to the native americans

What kind of wild animals are native to Afghanistan?

muscrats are one of the native animals in afghan.

What are some plants and animals in Bosnia?

Bear, wolf, fox, rabbit, deer....

what plants and animals are native to a sugarcane plant?


What are five native animals that live in Mali?

Mali has many native animals. Five of the native animals are baboons, giraffes, spotted eagle, ball pythons, and African lions.

What 9 countries is the Carniolan honey bee native to?

It is native to Slovenia, southern Austria, parts of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria

What are the native animals in Poland?

if your looking for some native animals zebra and the white tailed eagle

What are the native Louisiana animals?

There are many animals that are native to Louisiana. Some of these animals include alligators, pelicans, shrimp, and black bears.

What are the native animals of Ukraine?

There are few animals that are truly native to the Ukraine. However, there are many animals that have come from other places to live there. Some of the animals that are native to this area includes the sandy mole rat, and the Dneper common shrew.

Is the Tornjak a rare breed of dog?

The Tornjak is a mountain sheep dog native to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

What are Samoa's native animals?

Samoa does not have many native animals. The only native mammals in the area is the Flying Fox, and bats. Though other animals have been introduced and now live there. A bird that is native to Samoa is the Tooth Billed pigeon.

The difference between feral animals and Australian native animals?

Feral means a wild animal whereas Australian native animals are animals that have always lived in Australia