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There are a variety of animals that are native to the Midwest of the United States. These include squirrels, bears, fox, and rabbits.

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What animals live in the Midwest?

There are several animals that are native to the Midwest. These animals include bobcats, catfish, whitetail deer, bald eagles, and muskrats.

What animals get raised most in Midwest?

what are the 3 animals that are raised in the Midwest

What Lizards are native to the Midwest?

There are skinks in the Midwest. They look kind of like a Geko.

What did Native Americans eat in the Midwest?

The native Americans that lived in the Midwest had a variety of foods they ate. Some of the foods were berries, fish, and corn.

What are some native American tribes from the Midwest?


How did introduced animals affect native animals in NZ?

It affected native animals because the native animals became prey to the new animals

Who were the first people to live in the Midwest?

Probably Native Americans.

What tribe of Native Americans lived in the Midwest?

THE Sexy indieions

What are native animals?

native animals are animals that are origanly from one country.

What are some animals in Midwest?

and wild animals which can survive the heatsmall reptiles

What are native animals in Ukraine?

native animals ofukraine

What are all the animals in the Midwest region?

Pigs and cow

What jobs are in the Midwest?

they herd animals and they grow crops.

Why did Native Americans live in the west?

who live in the Midwest? NEZ Pearce

Native animals in Greece?

lots of animals are native everywhere

What are minnesota's native animals?

the native animals are your nutègeous and the objécti

Are penguins native animals to Argentina?

Yes they are native animals

What wild animals are found only in the Midwest and why does it survive only here?

Animals living in the Midwest stay there because they have everything they need to survive. These animals include bears, bats, pelicans, cranes, and bald eagles.

Some of England's Native Animals?

what are some of Englands Native Animals?

Does Canada have native animals?

Every country has native animals and plants.

What animals eat house cats in the midwest?

In the midwest, house cats are often eaten by mountain lions, foxes, and coyotes.

Where is the brown recluse native to?

The brown recluse spider is native to the United States from the southern Midwest south to the Gulf of Mexico.

What animals are native to Arkansas?

Arkansas is has many native animals to the state. A few of the native animals are blue jays, barn owls, and finches.

What wild animals are only found in the Midwest?

lizird kangaroo

What major group of people were native to or immigrated to the Midwest region?

People immigrated