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Humans, wolves, other snow leopards, eagles, and male ibex.


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They barely have enemies. Humans are the enemy.

The natural enemies are The Orcas and sharks.

humans and wolf are the enemy of the snow leopard

wolves and snow leopards are enemies because they compete for some of the same prey

a snow leopard is the lightest leopard

I work with tigers and there is not such a thing as a snow tiger. White tigers are just white Bengals. Tigers do not have any natural enemies, only humans.

Snow leopard ,wild dogs,bamboo rat, eagle and howler monkeys

A human lion or hyena how could you not no

An Adaptation of a snow leopard is it blends into the snow.

Snow Leopard does not mean anything. The Snow part of the name just means snow, and the Leopard part of the name means leopard. The difference between a regular Leopard and a Snow Leopard is that the Snow Leopard is white with black spots.

Snow leopards are the top of the food chain where it lives so it has none.

the snow leopard adapts to camouflaging

A snow leopard is a preditor

The Snow Leopard was created in 1978.

mountain lion and snow leopard are red panda enemies because mountain lion and snow leopard can eat the red panda

The main enemy is man. The snow leopard is a other enemy, dogs are enemies too because of man. Panda bears rarely have a enemy after them.

A leopard would be much bigger than a snow leopard, and would win.

a snow leopard can really do anything you know what i mean

how do you get snow leopard on animal

Leopard in the Snow was created in 1978-03.

The duration of Leopard in the Snow is 1.57 hours.

The Snow Leopard has 338 pages.

The phylum of a snow leopard is Chordata!

The kingdom for a snow leopard is Animalia. The phylum for a snow leopard is Chordata. The class is Mammalia. The order for a snow leopard is Carnivora. The family is Felidae. The genus is Panthera and the species is Uncia. The scientific name for a snow leopard is Panthera uncia.

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