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natural snickers ingredients

cocoa,sugar, peanuts, salt, and egg whites,and caramel


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Snickers candy bar was invented in the UK, by: frank c. mars

No , the Snickers candy bar was introduced in 1930 .

The Snickers candy bar was actually named after a race horse called Snickers that was owned by the very company that started such a candy bar. Please see the related link below for more information.

The candy bar Snickers was introduced in 1930.

It depends on the candy bar.... it will tell you what ingredients are in it on the back of the candy bar

follow the ingredients on the back of a snickers bar rapper.

well Rihanna's favorite CANDY BAR are Snickers

if you mean the candy bar the word is the same- Snickers

The best selling candy bar in the U.S is Snickers

Snickers was the name of the Mars family horse. When that horse died they named a candy bar after it. Snickers was the name of the Mars family horse. When that horse died they named a candy bar after it.

No, hard candy is like lollipops and candy canes

The anagram is the word "snickers" (or the candy bar Snickers).

1.25$ to 1.00$ for a medium sized snickers

The regular Snickers bar weighs 2.07 ounces, the Snickers King Size candy bar contains two 47 gram servings, the net weight of the Snickers Fudge bar is 1.78 ounces, the Snickers Almond bar weighs 1.76 ounces and the Snickers Dark candy bar contains two 52 gram servings.

SNICKERS on the back of them

Snickers is the most popular candy bar. It was introduced in 1930

Snickers is named after a favorite horse of the Mars family, who own the candy company that produces Snickers.

Snickers Ingredients:1. Nuts2. Caramel3. Chocolate4. Nugget

Sweets that start with the letter s:Sky Bar candy barSnickers candy bar

eric church's favorite candy is the snickers bar.

Snickers, introduced in 1930.

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