What are the natural resourses of Nevada?


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turquois, gold, water, hardy, dry wheather, plants, low bushes, sage brush, big horn sheep.


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natural resources are things that come from nature.

mostly the u.k has plants and trees for natural resourses

Resourses means a source of supply or support. Resourses also means a natural source of wealth or revenue.

resources that are natural, trees are used to make paper, wood, etc

The natural resources are zinc, silver, trees, uranium, and petroleum.

the natural resourses are coal,gol akkdfhn fafgkuydgabf

two i can think of is oil and coal

salmon and other things too

stilling all its natural resourses

energy crise is the decresment of natural resourses

Sugar canes oranges cows seafood natural spring water the ocean

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japan houses are small and there are very small space.

Three resources are Lakes, rivers and rokes

The 3 productive resources are natural, human, and capital :)

Argentina's main resources are: oil natural gas meat wool wheat nuts

Availability of natural resourses help determine the country' wealth and power

Natural gas, lead, zinc, copper. Some other people have answered too.

Its famous for its natural resourses and for having the tallest trees in the world.

They pick certain veggitations and other natural resourses, then sell them.

some of Manitoba's natural resources are gold, silver, cotton, wheat, dairy, and vegetables.

some of the natral recorces in Ireland are live stock and crops

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