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Traditionally woodwind instruments were all made out of wood obviously!

Oboes, clarinets, bassoons and cor anglais' are all still made out of wood but other instruments in the 'woodwind' family (flutes, saxophones, piccolos) are now made out of metal so are considered near relations to the 'main' woodwind instruments.

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Where does the clarinet play in the orchestra?

In the woodwind section, normally located behind the violas (near the middle of the orchestra), between the oboes and bassoons.

Why are the brass instruments in an orchestra positioned where they are?

i dont know but i think near the back because it is loouder to hear than the instruments at the front

What woodwind instrument is played by blowing over an opening near one end to the tube?

That describes the flute, as well as the piccolo, which is a tiny flute.

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What are the other members of the woodwind family. What is the difference between the clarinet and other woodwind instruments?

The orchestra's woodwind SECTION is comprised of four FAMILIES of instruments: the flutes, the oboes, the clarinets and the bassoons. Each of these families will, in turn, have different members (or sizes) of instruments. For example, the flute family has (from smallest to largest) 4 main members: the piccolo, the flute, the alto flute and the bass flute. There are others as well (like the contrabass flute), but you'd rarely see them in a concert orchestra (but, maybe in a film score). The other families have different members as well. OBOES: the oboe, the English Horn, the bass oboe, CLARINETS: clarinets in Eb, Bb, A, Eb alto, Bb bass clarinet, Eb and Bb contrabass clarinets, BASSOONS: the bassoon and contrabassoon. There are two main differences between the different woodwinds: 1) their reeds (the part that makes the initial sound) and (2) their shape and composition. The flute has a blowhole as its "reed" and takes a fair amount of breath to play (but nowhere near as much as brass instruments). The body of the flute is cylindrical, giving it a round tone, and silver making it bright. The clarinet has a cylindrical body as well, giving it a round tone as well and is usually made of wood or ebony making the tone "darker" than the flute. However the clarinet has a single reed (like a saxophone) which is somewhat difficult to control making it more difficult to play in tune than the other woodwinds. The oboe and bassoon families are double reed instruments. Their reeds are doubled back on themselves and have a fussy (or particular) embouchure. They take a smaller amount of air to sound but need a lot of pressure (especially the oboes). The shape of the body of the double reeds gets wider along the length of its resonator (the tube) which results in more odd harmonics - making the instruments somewhat nasal in timbre.

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