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the only negative side i think would be that be careful about many lawsuits on ob/gyn these days which has caused many practitioners to leave the job and accoding to one survey by 2014 ob/gyn demand is going to be immensely high

It is highly stresful, yet rewarding job. You have long hours and good income. People however expect a perfect outcome every time, which leads to the amny malpractice suits, the sad thing is people don't realize that "stuff happens" and even if you do everything right you can still have a bad outcome. Having to deliver the news to a parent that something is wrong with the pregnancy, delivering a still born child, finding that there are many things that you cannot control within a delivery room..having to provide your GYN services to everyone, including those who are not well and have a severe illness. Remember, ALL women should see the GYN. Malpractice insurance is through the roof for these practitioners also..

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Q: What are the negative sides of being an OB-Gyn?
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