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caffeine is bad for everyone, it's generally just a bad habit to start, and children even age 12 are more sensitive to caffeine. sleeplessness, irritability, or being jumpy could occur, not to mention if the coffee is being sweetened with sugar or creamers, it's just added calories that children don't need. even if the child is a normal weight, it's never a good idea for them to have daily doses of liquid calories and sugar.

Caffiene[sp] has been known to stunt growth. A 12 year old hasn't nearly finished growing so maybe switch them to decaffienated [sp].

Edit.... My daughter is nearly 17, 5'9" tall and weighs about 130lbs, she also has a modelling[sp] contract. She has been drinking coffe [sp] since she was 2 years old.

I know this is only one person, but I have never heard that coffee stunts your growth.

Bad oral hygiene, bad breath, stained teeth, hyperactivity, is not healthy for anyone. Caffeine is not healthy for your heart. Gradually decrease the amount of caffeine until he/she is off of it.

Caffine [sp] has been shown to have some great health benefits. Many of the so-called health problems with caffeine are not backed by studies. Coffee has been shown to help with headaches, even migraines, athesma[sp] and brain function. It does not stunt growth, but it isn't a substitute for good nutrition. Moderation is the key in all things.

Especially if you have a neuro problem this can be bad for your. Coffee can give you bad breath and isn't good for your teeth. Try decaf or switch to tea.

There are no organized studies, peer reviewed studies or practical, blind or double-blind studies that have ever shown that any of the aforementioned claims have the slightest validity. Please, let's have some facts if we are going to answer an honest question.

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Q: What are the negatives for a 12-year-old child drinking coffee on a regular basis?
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