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here are the notes for Titanic my/your heart will go on:

F-- F F F-- E-- F-- F-- E-- F-- G A G-- F-- F F F-- E-- F-- F-- C(LOW)-----

F--F F F-- E -- F-- F --E-- F-- G A G-- F-- F F F-- E-- F-- F-- C(LOW)-----




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What are the notes to play heart and soul on a keyboard?

what are the notes for heart and soul on the piano

Notes on a keyboard?

the notes on a keyboard/piano go c,d,e,f,g,a,b,c

Keyboard notes for we wish you a merry Christmas?

Go to: http://gardenofpraise.com/key21j.htm and you can find the notes

Where to get keyboard notes for endhiran songs?

go to Google search. type keyboard notes for latest Tamil songs and click i am feeling lucky. i asure you, that you will be lucky enough to get notes for endhiran songs

Where can you get notes for a keyboard?

We can get keyboard notes for tamil,hindi,malayalam etc.. in keylessonline.com..

What are the notes on keyboard to play Frosty the Snowman?

What are the notes to play frosty the snowman on the keyboard

What are the keyboard notes for Ants Go Marching?

its the ants go marching one by one duhhh :/

What are the notes on a keyboard for the song?

The notes on a keyboard for a song depend on which song you are speaking of. Please clarify.

Hey Jude keyboard notes?

it a note that is for the keyboard .

What are the notes to O holy night on keyboard?

the notes are the kind of letters u play on a piano or keyboard

How do you write keyboard notes of malare song?

how to write keyboard notes of Malare song of Premam movie

The chords to close every door on keyboard?

To find the notes for this song go to musicnotes.com.

What are the flute notes to your heart will go on?

My heart will go on:e, f#, g#, f#, e f#, a...

How do you play My Heart Will Go On on oboe?

Look up "my heart will go on notes for oboe" on Google images

What are the keyboard notes?

There are only 7 full piano notes to remember. Notes of the black keys are easy to find once you learn the notes of the white piano keys.and those are the keyboard notes.

How many notes do a keyboard have?

this answer-"well the keyboard i have has 45 notes on it and i just checked so it is the correct answer. " is WRONG! The amount of keys on a Keyboard varies from keyboard to keyboard. A keyboard could have about as little as 5 keys, and as big as 88 keys. A full keyboard, or a piano has 88 keys

What is a scale on the keyboard?

A run of notes, most scales have eight notes.

How do i get notes for i got to find you for piano?

go to youtube and write in how to play i gotta feeling on keyboard or piano

What are the notes for right here waiting on keyboard?

go look on youtube. then you choose the lessons by brad. it works

What are the keyboard notes to your Heart Will Go On?

anser for: what are the keybord notes...search www.geocities/whatarethenotestotitanic?.com it should work if not go on google and type in: keyboard notes for titanicand look down the list at the wed names and look for www.geocities.comok?that should workon the other hand I am presuming u mean the song from titanicbyeHi,if u are wanting the notes from Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On (Love Theme From Titanic) here are the notes. forgive me if i am wrong because i have recently started playing the piano/keyboard)the notes are:G, G, G, G, F#, G,every night in my dreamsG, F#, Gi see youA, B, Ai feel youG G G G F# G G Dthat is how i know you go on(REPEAT ONE MORE TIME)chorus:G A D D C B Anear, far, wherever you areB C B A G F# G G Di believe that the heart does go onG A D D C B Aonce more you open the doorB C B A G F# Gand you're here in my heart andF# F# G A B A Gmy heart will go on and on(REPEAT THE ABOVE UNTIL THE SONG IS OVER)

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