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Pretty good, many babies have been born a lot earlier than that Even babies born as early as 25 weeks now have a good chance of surviving.

More than 90% of premature babies who weigh 800 grams (a little less than two pounds) or more survive.

Those who weigh more than 500 grams (a little more than 1 pound) have a 40% to 50% chance of survival.

So yes, your baby has a good chance.

A baby in the eighth month has more than an 80% chance of surviving with no long-term problems. My husband and his twin brother were born at 32 weeks, and my own twins were born at 36 weeks.

AnswerMake sure that if possible you get 2 shots of betamethasone before delivery. They help to "rapid mature" the baby's lungs.

On a personal note, 2 of my 3 children were born at 32 weeks. One is 3 yrs old now and the other is 1 month. Both are healthy, though the little one is on an apnea monitor. They both spent 3 weeks in the NICU after birth, but had no complications. Oh, and both are white males (said to be slower in developing and take longer to come home).

Just an update on my children (many years later!) Only 2 shots of betamethasone can be given, and there is a risk of behavioral problems later on. My middle child (born @32w1d, weighing 4lbs11oz) is a relatively healthy 9 yr old now. However he does have Aspergers (An Autism Spectrum disorder, we believe completely unrelated to his early birth, as my husband has Aspergers), Bipolar disorder (again, unrelated as it runs in my family genetically), AdHd (Common with Preemies FYI), Anxiety (Runs commonly with Asperger's/Bipolar), and Oppositional Defiance Disorder.

My other preemie (Born @32w5d, weighing 5lbs6oz) is now 6 yrs old. He has some mild developmental delays and epilepsy but is doing very well.

One thing I HIGHLY recommend to moms of preemies is to look into the RSV Vaccine (As my 2nd one was hospitalized 2x with severe RSV). Doctors will not "suggest" it on their must REQUEST it yourself, and In my opinion it's worth it.

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Q: What are the odds of a fetus surviving in the 8 th month?
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