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1 game in 37

(empirical answer, see

Solitaire Network keeps statistics of actual results played by real players. From a sampling of over 1 million plays by average players the odds reported are 1 in 33 games. However, the rules are somewhat relaxed on Solitaire Network because players are allowed to move any card to an empty Column (as opposed to the usual requirement that only Kings may be moved to an empty Column.) Therefore the odds with the stricter rule would likely be in line with the previous answer of 1 in 37 or even less.


i read if you draw three cards, 3 times thru the deck, you will win on average 1 out of 12.8 games. Play 10,000 games and you will be about $55.00 ahead, that's for paying $52. for the deck, and getting $5. for each card on the ace.

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Q: What are the odds of completing a game of traditional solitaire 52 cards 7 rows using single card selection and only going through the deck once?
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