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If you want a good short-cut in life, here's a good one for you: It shouldn't matter if you are tall, a little over-weight, short or under-weight, etc. You should find a good person that brings the best out in you and vice-versa with and one that is mature enough to see the good inside of you. Our bodies are nothing but shells (some attractive and some mediocre) but, it's really what is inside a person (the good) that is the type of person most people are looking for. Honesty, loyalty, good communication, laughing a lot and being there for that person no matter what are the good traits one should have for a successful relationship. If it bothers you that you are slightly over-weight then do something about it. You can bike ride, swim, or, if you can afford it work-out in a gym. Eat well with lots of whole grains, fruits, dairy, chicken, fish, veggies and at least 8 glasses of water a day (water flushes out fat and toxins in the body.) Get a new hairstyle if you would like to change a little and perhaps some nice streaking in your hair to give it some depth (this goes for guys too.) If you're smart then you'll wait for the right guy and when you least expect it he'll turn up and love you for who YOU ARE and not what you think you should be. I'd say your chances are excellent if you open your eyes, listen and choose carefully.

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