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It is very difficult to get a heart transplant. There are several factors that can influence these odds depending on the availability of a replacement heart and how severe the issue is.

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What advantages are there to getting an artificial heart than a heart transplant?

They'll work no matter what. A heart transplant has a 50/50 chance to failing as well as your first one.

Why is getting a human heart transplant better than getting a artificial heart transplant?

Yes human heart is more biologically compatible than an artificial heart transplant.The patient will more likely reject the artificial organ or graft than the human one

What is a human heart transplant?

a human heart transplant you tard

What list is a person placed on when they are approved for a heart transplant?

A person approved for heart transplantation is placed on the heart transplant waiting list of a heart transplant center.

How do you use transplant in a sentence?

When my heart fails I hope to be able to get a heart transplant

Which patient had the first heart transplant?

Louis Washkansky had the first heart transplant performed on him.

When was the first human heart transplant?

It depends on what you mean by "successful"/ some of these early transplant patients only lived a week or two after the transplant.

What is a Heart Transplant?

heart transplant is the process of translating heart in this the another heart is billeted in your body dunno cuz I'm cool

How long did the first heart transplant take?

The first heart transplant took 9 hours.

Who was the first person to perform a heart transplant?

Dr. Christiaan Bernard was the first person to perform a heart transplant on a human heart.

Where did the first heart transplant take place?

The first heart transplant took place in South Africa

Which is simpler heart or heart lung transplant?

heart lung It is much harder to transplant just lungs as the heart gets in the way! So in most cases it will be a heart and lung transplant. If the heart taken out is healthy then that is given to someone else who is just wanting a heart. It does not go to waste.

What is a sentence with the word transplant?

The heart transplant was a success.He was looking forward to the transplant.

How could you have a heart transplant?

Heart transplant is only done if the heart has been terribly damaged by infection or disease, and if there are no other ways to improve heart function.

Advantages and disadvantages of heart transplants?

Advantage: New heart. You probably need this new heart in the first place, otherwise you wouldn't be getting a transplant. Disadvantage: New heart? I mean. yea.

What drugs are heart transplant recipients given?

Heart transplant recipients are given immunosuppressive drugs to prevent the body from rejecting the new heart.

What is the longest a heart transplant patient survive after the transplant?

31 years

What factor would diminish the chance of success of a lung transplant but is not a factor in a heart transplant?

What unavoidable factor would diminish dthe chance of success of a lung transplant, but is not a factor at all in a heart transplant

Who is father of heart transplant?

A South African doctor,Doctor Christian Barnard performed the first heart transplant.

The first heart transplant was perfomed in 1991 true or false?

False. The first heart transplant into a human was performed in 1964, when a dying man received a chimpanzee heart. The first transplant of a human heart to another human was performed in 1967.

How long can you live with a heart transplant?

Usually depends on how strong the transplanted heart is and if the recipient's body decides to accept the transplant.

What former US Vice President is recovering after a heart transplant surgery?

Dick Cheney is recovering from heart transplant surgery.

Can heart transplant be done?

Yes, there is such a thing as a heart transplant. Given the right medical criteria, heart transplants can be done for some patients. Other patients do not meet the criteria, or choose to not have a transplant. Other patients who might want a transplant are too poor / lack insurance.

What happens if you don't get a heart transplant?

If you are a healthy person and your heart is in good condition then nothing will happen if you don't get a heart transplant. You don't need one. If you are suffering from some sort of heart failure and there are no alternative treatments than a heart transplant than you will eventually die when your heart stops doing its job.

Cape Town is first in what heart category?

heart transplant

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