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I'm just curious. anyhelp would be great



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It is possible that she could be pregnant. She needs to take a pregnancy test if she misses her next period

no you still have not began to ovulate

you cant get pregnant when you have your period

considering you get your period because your uterine wall is shedding from not getting pregnant during ovulation (fertility period). i would say chances are that your egg is no longer "active" and you are not pregnant.

ANSWERChances of getting pregnant during period are almost zero.

Of course!!!!!! There is always the possibility of getting pregnant even when you are on your period!

Yes,the chances of you getting pregnant when not on your period are higher

Nope. If you are still getting your period, you are absolutely and definitely NOT pregnant.

When you are on/having your period, it is usually when you have one of the highest chances of getting pregnant.

no you can not If you mean he came inside of you after your period then yes you can.

If you keep getting your period you are not pregnant yet. Keep trying or consult a fertility doctor.

you mean if you can get pregnant while you have your period than yes. You actually have a greater chance of getting pregnant when you are on your period.

No theres not, you cant get pregnant if your on your period. and after 48 hours your period has stoped you cant.

No, it means you are NOT pregnant. Your period drops the egg that would have been fertilized.

Actually you are safe after your period til seven days, your ovulation period starts at 10 days after your menstruation and in 14 days that's when you are fertile. ----so that means that if my period ended on the 24, i have until the 30th and after that i have more chance of getting pregnant?

It's not "chance" ... the proven medical facts are that you can get pregnant:# before your period # during your period # after your period # PERIOD

There is always a chance of getting pregnant anytime of the month. Just because it is the day after your period does not mean you can't get pregnant, you can get pregnant on your period as well.

It isn't really possible to get pregnant while having a period.

Uhh impossible!! And btdubs, you shouldn't be getting pregnant if you don't even have your period yet.

Yes, you have a high chance of being pregnant if your period is late!

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