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What are the odds of pregnancy after a tubal two years ago?


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Not sure about the exact odds, but I just met a woman 3 nights ago who had her 4th child 12 years after her tubal. That's not good enough odds for me! I'm doing essure or we're both getting snipped!!!

Practicaly the chances of pregnancy after tubal ligation are zero.

A tubal ligation is considered permanent birth control, but there is still a margin of error. You could become pregnant any time afterward. It is estimated that 143 women in 10,000 (1.43%) get pregnant after tubal ligations.

i am not sure about the odds but i had my tubes done a year and a half ago and today i found out i was pregnant too early to see if it in my tubes should out next week i thought i couldn't get pregnant but it can happen

Pretty low, but not zero. A tubal ligation can grow back, but this isn't common.

I had a tubal 5 years ago how much longer must i wait to become pregnant

Yes, you may have a tubal pregnancy and that can be very serious! Go to your Dr. immediately!

i read its 1.4 % chance after tubal but more likely if tubal was done more than 10 years ago.

You should go to the doctor IMMEDIATLEY. This could be a sign of a tubal pregnancy or ovarian cancer. This is nothing to take your time on.

is it possible to get pregnant after having a tubal ligation 6 years ago

You should not be able to get pregnant after a tubal ligation.

If you have had a tubal ligation and you want to become pregnant, it may happen, but you'll have better chances if you have a surgical procedure to reverse the tubal ligation. There is no guarantee that you'll experience success after a reversal, but the ability to reverse a tubal ligation is there and it will dramatically increase your chances of becoming pregnant again. Here is a website related to your question. HTH.

Though considered the most effective birth control you can still get pregnant the longer ago you had the surgery the better your chances are to get pregnant.

see a dr since menstruatrion and tubal ligation are unrelated in the sequencing of occurance Definantly go get checked out...Tubes can come untied or you can have a tubal pregnancy. My mother in law got pregnant 13 years after having her tubes tied...When I got mine done 5 years ago, my doctor suggested having them checked every few years.

Yes you can have a positive test after a tubal. I also had a tubal in 2000. Took a home pregnancy test, 3 of them. All came back positive. This was just 5 weeks ago.

I would go to a doctor and get an ultrasound if you have tested positive for pregnancy if I were you... tubal pregnancies are emergencies and need to be dealt w/ as such... I almost lost my best friend to one many years ago- her tube had burst and it nearly killed her.

You should not be able to get pregnant after a tubal ligation.

The best way to find out is to take a test. The most likely time for a tubal to fail is in the first two years, but clamps can come off at any time.

You may have a tubal pregnancy. It is possible because my mom had one ten years after her tubal ligation. You should go to the emergency room. If your tube ruptures, you could bleed to death.

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