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Actually, quite good. 14 year olds are having babies all over the world, and have been having them for thousands of years. There are some difficulties that are more common at a young age(like a pelvic incompatibility, i.e. the baby is too big for the girl's small pelvis - which means a Caesarian section is required) but these are generally minor or uncommon. Make sure the mother gets good nutrition (vitamin supplements etc) and regular Gynecologist checkups during the pregnancy.

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Q: What are the odds that a pregnant 14 year old would have a healthy baby?
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Can the baby of a pregnant woman get HIV if the mother contracts HIV after the conception of the baby ie baby is concieved at six months pregnant mom has sex with someone who is HIV positive?

See your doctor immediately. Yes the baby of a pregnant woman can get HIV. However, it is also possible to greatly reduce the odds of the baby getting HIV if the mother is on anti HIV medicine during her pregnancy. Also, your doctor may recommend you do not breast-feed your baby.

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If you've heard the heartbeat at 11 weeks and everything was fine what are the odds of miscarriage?

You should really ask your doctor about this. The doctor would be able to tell you because they know your past pregnancies or misscarriages (if any) as well as how healthy you and the baby are right now. Don't worry. Good luck and God Bless:) After 8 weeks pregnant the chances of a miscarriage fall considerably.

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