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What are the operating costs of an outdoor swimming pool in Northern Texas?

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IsHouston in northern Texas?

No, it is in Southeastern Texas.

What season is it in Texas if northern hemisphere is tilted towards sun?

Because Texas is in the northern hemisphere it will be summer.

Is the boundary between Texas and Mexico southern or northern?

It is the southern border for Texas; conversely, it is the northern border for Mexico.

Where in Texas are the most tornadoes?

Usually in northern Texas such as in the panhandle.

Where is Texas in the globe in Northern Argentina or Southern Spain?

Texas is the southern United States, not in northern Argentina or southern Spain.

Where is the Swimming And Diving Hall Of Fame Of Texas Inc in Conroe Texas located?

The address of the Swimming And Diving Hall Of Fame Of Texas Inc is: 45 Lake Forest Cir, Conroe, TX 77384-3129

Where do tornadoes hit in Texas?

it mostly hit central and northern Texas

Is Texas in tornado alley?

Yes. Northern Texas is in Tornado Alley.

What hemisphere is Texas in?

Texas is positioned in both the Northern and Western hemisphere.

How old do you have to be to get a fishing license in Texas?

The Texas park and outdoor annual 2008/2009 will give u a full summary of regulations for fishing in Texas.

What two hemispheres are Texas in?

The Northern and the Western.

What two hemispheres is Texas in?

The Northern and the Western.

Does New Mexico make up most of Texas' northern border?

No, New Mexico is on the western border of Texas. Oklahoma takes up just about all of the northern border of Texas.

What state borders most of northern Texas?

Most of northern Texas borders Oklahoma, with smaller borders for New Mexico to the northwest and Arkansas to the northeast.

Where is Afton Texas?

Afton, TX is a community in northern Dickens County, which is located in northern Texas. It is approximately 80 miles northeast of Lubbock, TX.

What is the Texas pan handle?

The northern part of Texas just below the Oklahoma Panhandle.

Are calculators made in Texas?

Yes, and Texas Instrument is located in the northern DFW area.

Is Texas northern or southern hemisphere?

Texas (and all of the United States) is in the Northern Hemisphere. The Northern Hemisphere is anything north of the Equator, which runs through the north part of South America, and the middle part of Africa.

Where is north Texas region located?

Along the Colorado River northern boundary of Texas. The Panhandle is not referred to as North Texas.

What is Texas' state flower and bird?

Texas has the bluebonnet as its state flower. The state bird of Texas is the northern mockingbird.

What did sam Houston do before he moved to Texas?

He was operating a tradiing store iin Oklahoma before he left for Texas.

By operating a boat on Texas waters what have you consented to?

Boarding and search by the US Coast Guard. . . . and Officers of the Texas DPS.

Houston Texas is in what hemisphere?

The Northern and Western Hemispheres.

Where is sorghum grown?

From South Dakota to Northern Texas.

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