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Too late, they already did... several times.

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When did India conduct its first nuclear test?

India's first nuclear test on May 18, 1974, described by the Indian government as a "peaceful nuclear explosion." The first Nuclear Test in India was cnducted on 18 May , 1974 at Pokhran.

Why did the American Government have an interest in Georgia?

Georgia has Nuclear weapons, US wants them. Russia wants them. US will stay to get them.

Why did India conduct its first nuclear test?

To intimidate Pakistan.

What group of islands did the soviets conduct nuclear testing?

kuril islands

In what state did the us first conduct nuclear tests?

New Mexico (1945)

Did South Korea conduct nuclear bomb tests on coral atolls?

No they did not yet

How effective was the policy of nuclear deterrence in light of the number of nuclear weapons available?


When was cold war?

The cold war was started right after WW2. It started when the American Government wanted russia to get rid of its nuclear arms. So each country was racing to produce nuclear missiles. It ended in the Kennedy Administration

Does the government of the US approve of nuclear energy?

At present, the US government is actively promoting nuclear energy. The states, on the other hand, seem to disagree about it.

What can be used as a substitute for nuclear reactors?

No substitute for nuclear power reactors especially if there is no available fossil fuel.

How many active nuclear power plants in japan?

50 nuclear power units are available in Japan.

What contributions did the English make to American society?

The English made huge contributions to American society including the steam engine, most of the English language, and patriotism. The English also contributed to the American nuclear family image and early government styles.

What does government do about nuclear power debate?

They are thinking with their head

Does mahmoud ahmadinejad have nuclear bombs?

Irans nuclear acivities is peaceful and Irans government declared that they are ready to cooperate with agency and they didnt make any bombs yet although American and europian politicians believe that they're hiding theirs activities

How much money does the government spend on nuclear energy?

I'm no expert on this, but some ideas: Defense - the Government pays for all warships, some of which have nuclear reactors, including submarines. The Government supports the NRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission so I guess they pay their costs. The Government is also concerned with dealing with nuclear waste, and cleanup of old facilities like Hanford. What this amounts to in dollars I'm afraid I have no figures for.

Is this nuclear energy available to your communitty?

Yes, but it depends where you live

Is it true that nuclear fusion's fuel needs to be readily available?

is it

How is nuclear energy and fusion energy different?

Nuclear energy as we use it now is from nuclear fission. Nuclear fusion is the joining up of nuclei rather than the splitting (fission), but it is not yet available on Earth.

Which of the following is not a function of government?

to mow your lawn A+

What was the name of the first American nuclear sub?


An energetic government is most easily achieved by?

Nuclear war.

What is available other than uranium?

For the nuclear energy: thorium and plutonium

Is nuclear energy readily available?

yes if you are close enough to the reactor

Why does the new zealand government not want nuclear powered ships in your ports?

They just don't like nuclear in NZ, period.

Why did the American people fear the nuclear bombs?

Because its a nuclear bomb, it can kill millions of people in a matter of minutes.