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You could trade it in at a delership, donate it to a charity that accepts cars or sell it privately. Just be sure to be honest about its condition.

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What does a transmission oil cooler do?

It COOLS the transmission fluid down and keeps it from getting to HOT.

How is a avalanche formed?

When a mountain of snow comes clashing down and rolls down a hill and keeps getting bigger and bigger.

How does CFCs cause ozone depletion?

The CFC's go into the stratosphere and there they cause ozone depletion by breaking down the ozone molecules. If the ozone layer keeps breaking down, then there will soon be a hole in the ozone layer which will take 50 years to heal.

What does simplest term mean?

Breaking the number down and getting the smallest number you can get. You can only do this with Fractions

How do bacteria help keep the world free from wastes?

it keeps the world from waste by breaking down waste and eating it andby eating dead organisms

Is Taylor Lautner going to be in breaking down?

no he's going to be in Breaking Dawn not Breaking Down

What is the entire process of food getting food and breaking it down and your cells using the energy called'?


The process of breaking down food?

the process of breaking down food

Does jail breaking your ipod have any downsides?

It is illegal, if apple sees you are getting a lot of games and they aren't getting money, they can shut down the ipod.

Spark not getting from coil to distributor What is wrong?

If the coil is producing a spark then the HT lead between them is breaking down.

Cellular respiration releases energy by breaking what down?

by breaking down carbohydrates

Process of breaking down food?

The process of breaking down food is called digestion.

What is suffix of down?

Breaking Down !

how do producers get their food when theyre not being exposed to sunlight?

The answer is C. breaking down inorganic compounds A. breaking down algae B. breaking down carbon C. breaking down inorganic compounds

What is breaking down or breaking apart?

They just break down if u use them 2 much

Process of breaking down the earths crust?

Weathering is the process of breaking down Earth's crust.

How do you say im breaking down in spanish?

"Me estoy rompiendo" means I'm breaking down

What happens in Twilight saga breaking down?

Its breaking """"dawn""""

What is the process of breaking down carbohydrates called?

In the human body, the process of breaking down carbohydrates is metabolizing

Where is the final place for breaking down food?

The large intestine is the final place for breaking down food

Can weathering have an effect of the breaking down of rocks?

Weathering and rain and ice are the cause of the breaking down of rocks

The process of breaking down food to release its energy is called?

The process of breaking down food so we can absorb it is called digestion. Releasing the energy by breaking it down further in our cells is respiration.

What is the effect of fungi of their food getting activities?

The effect of fungi of their food getting activities among several, the main effect of fungus is the breaking down and the decomposing of dead organic matter.

Does Bella Swan in Twilight lose her shield to stop vampire mind control in the end of Breaking Dawn?

No, she always keeps her shield, even into Vampire hood. But another vampire teaches her how she can take her shield down momentarily, and at the end of breaking dawn, Bella takes her shield down for Edward so he can read her mind. :]

What breaks down polysaccharides?

Enzymes are responsible for breaking down polysaccharides in the body. Various enzymes are capable of breaking down the various polysaccharides.