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=== === Is this bug super tiny with a brown spot on one end? If so hes called a no-see-em. They can be killed by rubbing your hand over the skin where they are. Is this bug similar in size and shape to a housefly? If so, its a deer fly. Hard to kill without a flyswatter. Both bite. The deer fly can carry disease though. Insect repellant works for both but the pool water washes it off too easily. they are called thrips and thay are hard too kill so try finding an insecticide with permethin the best i found is tall star


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They are called Backswimmers or Water Boatmen, believe it. In Jamaica, I've seen them bigger than the palm of your hand.

do flying squirrels bite?

No thay do not bite or sting

Flying ants bite but don't sting

Japanese ladybugs bite. They are more orange than red.

To defend it self i guess....

Orange Adults do, But Red ones don't they can only bite aphids...

the kinds of ladybugs that bite you are yellow or orange ones.

An orange spider with a spot on its back may be an orange garden spider. They can bite humans but their venom is weak.

The tiny, flying insects that swarm around horse manure are called fly predators. While they are a nuisance, they do not present any potential threat as they do not bite or sting.

the red one do not bites , the orange one does because its poisonest

Yes, they do. I pick up ladybugs all the time, and they bite. it's hard to get them off when they latch on to your skin.

1.they bite. 2.they scratch which one is true?

No, they don't bite people. Occasionally they will secrete an orange liquid (supposedly foul tasting) to discourage you from biting them, though.

No-see-ums are small insects which bite while flying over the lawn. The insects in question (Ceratopogonidae family) also may be identified as biting midges, punkies, and sand flies.

Yes,they can. As they bite into your skin it mostly tastes blood and sucks it. Thats how a mozzie bite is formed, and very itchy. Its like a flying vampire.

The ladybug don't bite but some do the orange ladybug

They can bite, but no typiacally that is not enough to kill someone

The flying ant is actually a regular ant that grows wings during the mating season. These flying ants do not actually sting. Rather, they bite and it is reportedly extremely painful.

Well yes and no it hurts a little bit but you won't get crazy .

Tire Bite Golden Ale is a beer. It is brewed by Flying Dog Brewery.

I don't know but I do know what he looks like. 2 harry nibbles flying around.

A mosquito, bee or any insect that has wings and a stinger.

Theyre called noseems. Yes they bite.

the only way to know that is to see if it is going to bite anything... get a stick and put it softy on its nose and if it does not bite the stick then it is not going to bite you...but to make sure...pick it up by the back of the shell...just in case; at least for awhile.

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