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The organs that work with the diaphragm are the nose, nasal cavity, epiglottis, larynx, trachea, and the left and right bronchus. The diaphragm serves a vital role in the breathing process.Ê

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How does the diaphragm work with other organs to keep the body healthy?

The diaphragm help because without it your lungs won't be able to expand when you breath in. :)

How does your diaphragm work with other systems to keep the body healthy?

the diaphragm helps move your organs out of the way when you breathe in and pushes the lungs when you breathe out.

What separates the organs from the abdominal cavity?

the diaphragm

What organs does phrenic artery supply?


What is the name of crocodile breathing organs?

lungs and diaphragm

What separates the lungs and heart from the organs in the abdomen?


What organs lie on the superior lateral sides of the diaphragm?

the liver

Does the diaphragm lie inferior to the organs in the thoracic cavity?


What organs to cow use to breathe?

Lungs and diaphragm, obviously.

What organs are in the muscular system?

Your orgeongal bonecular diaphragm is in the muscular system

How does your diaphragm work?

The diaphragm is the primary muscle that is used when you breathe. You also use the diaphragm to sing and talk.

What muscles perfrom voluntary movements?

All of them except for your organs.(not including the diaphragm)

What organs used for respiration?

Several organs are used for respiration. These organs include the lungs, heart, diaphragm, rib cage, trachea, arteries and veins, and the nose and mouth.

What organs are in the human respiratory system?

The main organs in the human respiratory system are the Lungs, Trachea, Bronchi, Alveoli, Diaphragm, Nose, and mouth.

What are the primary muscles of respiration?

Lungs and diaphragm ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Incorrect. The lungs are organs, not muscles. The three primary muscles of respiration are: Diaphragm External Intercostals Internal Intercostals

What are some organs that begin with the letter D?

· deltoid muscle · diaphragm · digestive system The duodenum is part of the small intestine. The diaphragm is part of the respiratory system.

How does a camera diaphragm work?

The diaphragm is used to change the aperture diameter,same as shade.

What are the three organs in the respiratory system?

nasal cavity, throat (pharynx), voice box (larynx)The three types of organs of the respiratory systems would be the lungs. However there are the bronchi, trachea, and the diaphragm that work together with the lungs to help us breathe.

What organs do skeletons protect?

Your skeleton gives shape to your body, only the ribs protect the organs such as the heart, lungs, diaphragm and your skull protects your brain.

What would cause the diaphragm to be elevated?

Hi, I have an elevated left diaphragm, and I have found that the phrenic nerve (if paralyzed) will cause the diaphragm to be elevated and not work.

Organs in respiratory system?

they incude the nose, trachea,lungs,air sacks ,brondhiles and diaphragm

What are 3 organs in the respirartory system?

The three main organs are the lungs, the trachea and the larynx. There are others also since the system doesn't work alone: muscles such as the diaphragm and the upper nasal passages plus the tiny alveoli and the tiny blood vessels around them.

How does the diaphragm work to allow the lungs to inflate?

the diaphragm increases the surface area for the lungs to inflate

Which organs are in the thoracic cavity?

ORGANS = heart, lungs OTHER STRUCTURES = diaphragm, oesophagus, trachea and bronchial tubes, thoracic cage (ribs, intercoastal muscles)

What organs inside the human body are protected by the ribs?

The two main organs the ribcage protects are the lungsand heart. It also protects diaphragm, esophagus and thymus.