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What are the parameters to select the right welding between gas welding and arc welding?

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2011-09-13 21:01:06

Gas welding basically used for weaker joints(in sheets) and arc

welding for stronger one(plates).

mobile welding (not in a shop)is the ideal time for arc welding

. gas welding is the way to go as far as production is concerned ,

but requires environment with little air circulation or wind , plus

gas bottle , machine , and a short lead , which makes it ideal for

shop work


Gas welding - generally use for welding of thin plates/pipes.

Less heat input and less likely to burn off the edge of the plates

(undercut). It is a more expensive process because of gas


Arc welding - use for thicker plates usually with larger size

electrodes. Higher weld production rate. Shielding by means of

electrode coating.

Both processes can meet the required mechanical properties


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