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What are the parts of a plot?


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August 12, 2016 2:30AM

There is however another school of thought that involves 8 parts of a plot.

  • Point of entrance
  • exposition
  • defining event
  • rising action
  • crisis
  • falling action
  • denouement
  • closure

To be technically correct, a plot can be generalized as "whats going to happen" in a story. All stories are different, and some will have more or less plot points than 5.

1. Exposition is where all the necessary background information is introduced to the audience in order to better understand the story. This may include characters or setting.

2.Rising action is all the action that occurs before the action. Conflicts may be introduced. This is the point where obstacles are placed and motivations are created.

3. Climax is the highest point of interest in the story. This can be the crisis, or where the greatest amount of tension in the story is placed.

4. The falling actions are what happen after the climax. This includes the results of the climax.

5.Resolution is where the conflict is resolved or settled and any other lose ends are tied up. Except for with a cliffhanger, this should leave the reader satisfied with a thorough ending to the lives of this character in the time of the story.
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